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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


"Living For Today" - featured on the CD "Life Support" through the Compassion Action Organization

This was created in memory of Rethaeh Parsons from Nova Scotia.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Compassion Action

Compassion Action announced the upcoming release of 'Life Support'...a compilation CD with tracks donated by artists from across Atlantic Canada. Our song "Living For Today" will be featured on the album. We have dedicated our song in memory of Rehteah Parsons with the support of her dad Glen Canning. The release date is June 1st at 7pm at Big Leagues, in Dartmouth.
All proceeds will be funding prevention of suicide programs.
Sarah McLachlan, Jon Mullane, Heather Green, Mo Kenney and Shawn Hebb are just a few of the other artists featured.
 Here are the kind words from Compassion Action...
"Thanks to Wanda & Keith, their beautiful music is very inspiring, they are truly gifted"
It feels great to be a vessel to carry the message through our gift of song!
Please support www.compassionaction.ca